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Our purpose

Accelerating carbon abatement for Australia

Our purpose statement reflects the objectives of the legislation that underpins all our activities that involve measuring, reducing or offsetting Australia’s carbon emissions.

As outlined in our Corporate Plan 2018–22, we define four objectives that describe our regulatory posture, the relationships we need to build, and our approach to allocating resources, investment and operations that underpin the achievement of our purpose.

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Framework has been designed to reflect our agency’s core functions as a regulator and is used to assess our effectiveness, and our efficiency and quality against these functions. Individually, the key performance indicators demonstrate how discrete functions of our agency have performed. Collectively, the key performance indicators for each of our four objectives measure our performance against our purpose.

For 2018–19, our agency’s KPI Framework was further refined to report against a number of new performance indicators. In addition, we discontinued reporting against two performance indicators. The following performance results for 2018–19 are detailed against each of our objective.