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Our Values

CEFC staff are largely drawn from the finance and energy sectors, reflecting our specialist investment focus. We have a breadth of expertise across our target sectors, working closely with investment and project partners to deliver clean energy outcomes which make economic and commercial sense while lowering carbon emissions.

In regular conversations with our internal and external stakeholders, it is clear that the expertise, professionalism, collaboration and passion for a common purpose define the CEFC team. We welcome this market recognition of our role as a specialist investor, a critical factor in our continuing ability to positively influence the markets in which we operate.

Together with CEFC staff in 2018-19, we identified four distinct values to reflect the attributes that drive CEFC people and define the way we work with our stakeholders. Staff also participated in values forums to deepen their understanding about the values and how they can be a key lever in our business success.

I work with an engaged, intelligent group of people who bring different skill sets to each matter, issue and problem. It allows for a robust approach to problem solving and delivery of solutions.

Staff survey


Catalysts leading change.

We’re clear about the difference our investments make and the benefits they bring.

Our decisions and the way we influence others today have a positive and sustainable impact for generations to come.

We’re more than advocates for decarbonisation: we’re catalysts for change. We share our experience and insights to encourage others to follow our lead.


We’re in this together.

We harness the power of many to forge a new path.

Powered by collective endeavour, we value diverse ideas, backgrounds, deep experience and expert delivery.

We are open to different perspectives, embracing new solutions and clean energy technologies that transform lives and behaviour.

We bring together people committed to making a positive impact. Collaborating for a better tomorrow, today.


Trusted investor.

We work openly and honestly.

We earn trust through our integrity, transparency, accountability, performance and respect for others.

As caretakers of the funds entrusted to us, we have a clear agenda for change which we deliver without compromise.

Our commercial rigour, insights and expertise provide the foundation for our risk appetite.


The courage to go first.

We’re explorers of new frontiers.

We’re ‘can do’ people.

It’s about finding a way to get it done, by being curious, bold and outcomes-focused. We face challenges and opportunities with confidence.

This philosophy inspires us to lead with courage and enthusiasm in the search for solutions, drawing on new clean energy technologies and embracing innovation.