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Investing Australia-wide

The CEFC continues to be at the forefront of new investment in a wide range of activities to drive down emissions, touching on all areas of our economy, including agriculture, energy, infrastructure, property, transport and waste.

Figure 1: Our national footprint since inception Our national footprint since inception

* CEFC lifetime commitments at 30 June 2019 exclude revocable commitments, repayments and cancellations on total commitments of almost $7.2 billion since inception.

We are proud to report that, since inception, CEFC investments have helped drive more than $24 billion in additional private sector investment commitments Australia-wide.

Ian Learmonth

For most of the CEFC’s operational life, both debt and equity markets in Australia for clean energy investments have been relatively immature, which has been one of the key barriers to the development of the sector in Australia. As such the CEFC has played a leading role in developing these markets.

Statutory Review of the CEFC