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Smaller projects deliver big impact

The CEFC maintained our strong focus on driving investment in smaller-scale clean energy projects in 2018–19, working with banks, specialised lenders and funds to extend our finance to households, farmers, small businesses, manufacturers, building owners and community facilities.

We are proud to have delivered almost $1.1 billion in finance for more than 11,300 smaller-scale projects since we began investing, with projects ranging from $10,000 to $5 million. This includes $400 million in asset finance in 2018–19, for some 5,800 smaller-scale projects, with an average investment of $95,000.

Eligible projects range from small-scale rooftop solar and battery storage, to energy efficient manufacturing and farm equipment, as well as improved building insulation, heating and cooling, demand management systems and low emissions vehicles.

These programs are an efficient, effective and timely mechanism to enable CEFC finance to be delivered to small and medium enterprises Australia-wide, leveraging the established and extensive customer networks of the co-financiers. At the same time, they encourage increased investment in clean energy technologies, by incentivising their customers to choose best-in-class clean energy assets.