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Building market strength

In the rapidly evolving clean energy market, where there is considerable complexity, expert information is of critical importance to investors, project developers, financiers and regulators as they consider large-scale and long-term investments.

During 2018–19 we stepped up our efforts to assist market participants to better understand the emissions and financing benefits of clean energy investments. See Figure 19.

In a joint initiative with the Energy Efficiency Council and the Australian Industry Group, we were pleased to develop a comprehensive resource to assist manufacturers implement practical and proven strategies to deliver energy and cost savings. In the majority of technologies and solutions featured in the Australian Manufacturing: Gas Efficiency Guide, up-front investment costs were $50,000 or less, with the costs recovered within just five years.

Distributed energy in the property sector – today’s opportunities provides property investors, owners and managers with guidance on how to benefit from on-site solar, batteries and metering technologies as part of the long-term management of their energy needs.

Biogas opportunities for Australia, provides comprehensive information on how Australia can benefit from biogas, a secure, continuous and dispatchable source of energy that can contribute to national energy supply.

Figure 19: Shaping the clean energy market: CEFC research



Transforming Australian Agriculture with Clean Energy

Guide for agribusiness on best practice on-farm energy efficiency and clean energy technologies, developed in partnership with the National Farmers’ Federation.

How much rooftop solar can be installed in Australia?

An expert report for the CEFC and the Property Council of Australia, produced by the UTS Institute of Sustainable Futures, the University of NSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering and the Australian Photovoltaic Institute.

Biogas opportunities for Australia

Produced by Bioenergy Australia with support from the CEFC, this report looks at the actions that can be taken to grow the biogas industry.

Distributed energy in the property sector: unlocking the potential

Renewable energy opportunities for the property industry, developed by Seed Advisory for the CEFC and the Property Council of Australia.

Distributed energy in the property sector: today’s opportunities

Up-to-date information on clean energy technology options for different building types, locations and loads, produced by Energetics for the CEFC and the Property Council of Australia.

Australian Manufacturing: Gas Efficiency Guide

A joint initiative of the CEFC, the Energy Efficiency Council and the Australian Industry Group outlining practical and proven strategies to lower emissions and lower energy costs for Australian manufacturers.

Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities: Australia and New Zealand

Developed by the Climate Bonds Initiative with the support of the CEFC, discussing a pipeline of potential infrastructure opportunities that can be financed through green bonds.