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Investment pipeline

The CEFC has a unique role in the Australian economy, with our investments breaking new ground in introducing clean energy opportunities to new investors, sectors, asset owners and projects.

We think investors will appreciate not only the potential for positive environmental and investment outcomes, but also the transparent and quantifiable way in which those outcomes are achieved.

Roy Maslen

As a responsible investor, we have a long-term investment horizon, nurturing a portfolio of opportunities that seek to lower emissions as well as have the potential to attract private sector investment interest and deliver a positive return for taxpayers.

At 30 June 2019, the CEFC was considering more than 80 potential investment opportunities. These projects seek a total of almost $4 billion in CEFC finance, representing total investment value in excess of $23 billion, opportunities range from renewables, bioenergy and energy storage solutions to lowering emissions in the agriculture, infrastructure and property sectors.

While this pipeline indicates that the investment potential of the clean energy sector is robust, it is more modest than a year earlier – reflecting trends in the broader market. As in prior years, we recognise that not all these projects will ultimately be financed by the CEFC, either because they secure sufficient private sector finance, are deferred, or do not meet the investment requirements of the CEFC.

Figure 15: Investment pipeline