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National footprint

We invest in businesses and projects deploying clean energy technologies which are complying investments, and that are solely or mainly Australian-based, across the various sectors of the economy.

Our investment commitments stretch across Australia, including national and state-based projects and programs. National commitments are those investments that have the potential to be deployed nation-wide, including smaller-scale clean energy investments via our asset financing programs, as well as CEFC commitments in climate bonds and equity funds with a specialist clean energy focus.

In 2018–19 we significantly increased our commitments to investments in Western Australia, with $222 million in CEFC finance contributing to new state-based investments valued at more than $1 billion.

Lifetime national commitments, where CEFC finance has the potential to deliver benefits more broadly, reached $3.2 billion at 30 June 2019, across almost 50 transactions, with a total investment value approaching $9.4 billion.

Visy has pledged to invest $2 billion in Australian manufacturing to create jobs, increase efficiencies and boost sustainability. We are pleased to partner with the CEFC to help us make good on a part of that pledge.

Anthony Pratt

Figure 13: New commitments by geographic location 2018–19

CEFC commitments

Total value
























TOTAL 2018–19