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Investing in the Reef

The Reef Funding Program is a $1 billion investment program financing clean energy investments and businesses that support delivery of the Australian Government Reef 2050 plan. The CEFC finances clean energy opportunities in a broad range of sectors in the Reef Catchment Area, including agriculture, manufacturing and property.

To 30 June 2019, the CEFC had committed more than $370 million to about 410 transactions under the Reef Funding Program, representing total investment commitment of more than $1.22 billion alongside the private sector. New commitments in 2018–19 included almost $15 million to some 80 smaller-scale asset finance projects. These diverse smaller-scale projects included energy and water‑efficient irrigations systems; solar PV installations; precision guided on-farm machinery; process and manufacturing equipment upgrades; and the retrofitting of heating, cooling and lighting in buildings. The relatively modest scale of new commitments in 2018–19 reflected a slowdown in large scale investments and projects within the Reef Catchment Area.

Figure 11: Reef Funding Program

* refers to impact of CEFC direct finance only