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Investment highlights

The pathway to lower emissions requires sustained investment and action across all areas of economic activity. We welcome the increasing focus on sustainability and emissions reduction from businesses, institutional investors and innovative entrepreneurs.


We marked important milestones in large-scale solar and wind in 2018–19: CEFC commitments since inception are on track to deliver 1.6GW of new solar and 2GW of new wind in regional communities around Australia.


We invested in Australia’s first large-scale energy-from-waste development, in WA, which will be capable of producing 36MW of electricity when operational, enough to power up to 50,000 homes.


We continue to extend the financial and emissions benefits of clean energy to the residential sector, through our investment commitments in community, seniors, student and build-to-rent housing.

Green bonds

Our early support for green bond issuances saw us support the Woolworths Group green bond, the first certified green bond issued by an Australian retailer, and by a supermarket business globally.

Equities and joint ventures

We made our first investment in listed equities, in the AllianceBernstein Green MVE portfolio and, together with ICA Partners, established our first specialist joint venture, Warada Capital.