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Interesting facts in 2019-20

336 additional aircraft were registered, bringing the total to 15,721

4,330 new flight crew licences were issued, bringing the total to 31,203

35,880 flight crew licensing applications and notifications were processed

1,651 Australian-registered aircraft were built before 1965, compared to 220 aircraft that were less than two years old

52 infringement notices and 67 counselling notices were issued for remotely piloted aircraft systems matters

1,200 development applications were assessed and approximately 90 airspace change requests were considered

833 obstacle assessments were completed on infrastructure such as mobile cranes, tower cranes, solar farms, wind farms and other property developments

28 Airservices Australia surveillance events and 81 aerodrome surveillance events were conducted

72 per cent of the scheduled surveillance audits were completed, against a target of 80 per cent, despite disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

5,403 people were issued one of three classes of medical certificate for the first time – of those, 2,427 received their first Class 1 medical certificate

3,368 orders came through CASA’s online store and 57,323 items were dispatched

163 aviation safety seminars and 546 on-site visits were conducted around Australia, reaching more than 5,134 industry members

16,482 remote pilot licence holders and 1,952 remotely piloted aircraft operator certificate holders were current

29 drone detection units were installed across civil-controlled aerodromes in partnership between CASA, Airservices Australia and the Department of Defence

448 new remotely piloted aircraft operator certificates were issued

Know Your Drone safety education campaign advertising reached more than 12.4 million people

The virtual assistant on the Know Your Drone website had 9,117 conversations with clients and resolved 82 per cent of questions on first contact

Over 8.1 million people visited CASA’s website, resulting in 10.3 million page views – five out of the top 10 pages related to drones, accounting for 1.3 million page views

2 CASA employees were honoured for 30 years of service, 6 employees were honoured for 25 years of service and 8 employees were honoured for 20 years of service

Our digital transformation project reduced standard processing times for:

  aviation reference number applications, from 3.5 days to less than 2 minutes

  remotely piloted aircraft operator certificates, from 60 days to 3 days

  remote pilot licences, from 8–10 days to 12 minutes

Aviation industry personnel completed 13,089 e-learning training sessions through the AviationWorx portal