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Enforcement actions

CASA’s coordinated enforcement process provides CASA’s decision-makers with the benefit of legal, regulatory and technical and/or operational input when considering the most appropriate action that might be taken as a result of a breach of the civil aviation legislation.

Results of this process may include compliance-related action, enforcement action, or both. This may involve administrative action, which could result in a suspension, variation or cancellation of a civil aviation authorisation. It may also include a suspension under section 30DC of the Civil Aviation Act 1988, where there is a serious and imminent risk to safety.

Alternatively, or in combination with such action, CASA may issue aviation infringement notices attracting a small pecuniary fine or refer matters to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

CASA may also accept enforceable voluntary undertakings from individuals and companies, or may counsel them, depending on the circumstances of the breach and the appropriateness of doing so. In many cases, however, the coordinated enforcement process may result in a recommendation that no enforcement action be taken.

Tables B.15 to B.19 in Appendix B show details of medical certificate actions; licence and certificate actions; serious and imminent risk suspensions; infringement notices and matters referred for prosecution; and other compliance-related actions.