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Table 2 Results against Portfolio Budget Statements targets

Table 2 Results against Portfolio Budget Statements targets

Performance criterion



Number of accidents
per hours flown by industry sector

Reducing trend


Number of incidents
per hours flown by industry sector

Reducing trend


CASA maintains the Effective Implementation (El) Score determined by ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP)

Maintain or improve EI score


Following the 2017 ICAO Coordinated Validation Mission, CASA contributed to increasing Australia’s compliance with ICAO’s USOAP to 95.02%.

CASA has implemented an online system, the Protocol Questions Management System, to facilitate the management of ICAO Protocol Questions and Corrective Action Plans, associated evidence and electronic approval and reporting processes.

Regulatory implementation delivered in accordance with planned and
reviewed targets

Regulatory development 80% achieved against planned targets


CASA’s work on its regulatory program continued during the COVID-19 disruption and remains focused on meeting requirements for the flight operations suite of regulations to commence on 2 December 2021.

CASA has improved the implementation of end-to-end project management of regulatory change projects to ensure that projects are properly planned, scheduled and resourced for all project stages before commencement.

Surveillance determined through a national surveillance selection process and conducted to plan

80% surveillance achieved against planned targets for the period

Partly achieved

72% of scheduled surveillance audits were conducted. Prior to the significant disruption to the aviation industry resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, CASA was on track to exceed the 80% annual target for the completion of surveillance events.

Deliver a program of aviation safety education seminars to industry participants

95% of seminars delivered against annual plan with satisfaction rate for effectiveness of 80%

Partly achieved

76% of planned seminars were conducted with the remainder deferred or cancelled due to COVID-19.

CASA reached more than 5,134 industry members through activities including 163 seminars and 546 onsite visits;

98% of seminar participants said that they would recommend a seminar to other pilots.

Clear, open and transparent engagement with the industry to support the continuous improvement of an efficient and effective aviation safety regulation framework

100% of significant regulatory changes publicly consulted and outcomes informed by industry feedback


CASA continued to consult on regulatory change proposals and seek feedback on other initiatives via the CASA Consultation Hub (consultation.casa.gov.au). A total of 48 consultations and feedback surveys were conducted, with a total of 4,776 responses.

Improved stakeholder satisfaction survey scores
(6.2 in 2018)

Partly achieved

CASA approached the market to conduct the 2019–20 Stakeholder Engagement survey; however, the survey release was placed on hold due to COVID-19.

Improved engagement and participation in CASA’s online, social media and traditional media channels (increased
reach, website page-views, follows and subscribers)


Social media activities continued to show strong results, with significant interactions and engagement across channels.

  • Facebook maintained the largest following, with the number of followers increasing by 3,385 to reach 48,767.
  • LinkedIn experienced the highest growth, with the number of users increasing by 15,976 to reach 33,139.
  • Twitter followers increased by 1,517 to reach 13,121.
  • YouTube followers increased by 1,346 to reach 5,927.

Regulatory service applications are decided within published service delivery timeframes

80% processed within published timeframes


81.29% of applications for authorisations were decided within the published service delivery timeframe.

Regulatory service activities not currently subject to a published service delivery timeframe

Catalogue of service delivery timeframes completed in 2019–20

Partly achieved

The Regulatory Services and Surveillance Transformation Program is reviewing all regulatory oversight activities, existing and transitioning, to establish a revised list of regulatory assessment and surveillance activities. This will involve reviewing underlying business processes and implementing new work management processes in CASA’s European Aviation Processing (EAP) regulatory service management system to enable the development of service delivery timeframes for all regulatory activities. This work will progress during 2020–21 with a planned completion date of 30 June 2021.