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Effective engagement with industry

The Aviation Safety Advisory Panel assists CASA to direct its engagement with the aviation community and seeks input on current and future regulatory and associated policy approaches.

The panel is chaired by Honorary Professor Patrick Murray of the University of Southern Queensland. The panel’s membership is routinely refreshed to align with current areas of focus and members’ engagement dates are staggered to ensure continuity of representation.
In 2019–20, the members included representatives from a broad spectrum of the air transport and general aviation sectors, including the helicopter industry, recreational aviation, aerial work, regional operations, flight training and remotely piloted aircraft. The Aviation Safety Advisory Panel met four times during the year.

The Aviation Safety Advisory Panel is supported by discrete technical working groups, established as required so that industry members and relevant technical experts can provide input to the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel on specific technical issues and proposals. Almost 800 industry members have expressed interest in taking in part in technical working groups since the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel was established in 2017.

In total, 165 individual members of industry have participated in at least one of the 20 technical working groups established under the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel. Nineteen technical working group meetings of various kinds, including face-to-face gatherings, teleconferences and videoconferences, were conducted in 2019–20.

CASA’s AvSafety program is aimed at pilots of smaller aircraft and is conducted by CASA’s Aviation Safety Advisors. During 2019–20, CASA’s seven Aviation Safety Advisors reached more than 5,134 industry members through activities including 163 seminars and 546 onsite visits. Around 70 per cent of those activities were in regional Australia. More than 95 per cent of pilots who took part in an AvSafety seminar said that it made them a safer pilot or changed their safety behaviour, and 98 per cent said that they would recommend a seminar to other pilots.

CASA consults on regulatory change proposals and seeks feedback on other initiatives via the CASA Consultation Hub (consultation.casa.gov.au). During 2019–20, 48 consultations and feedback surveys were conducted, with a total of 4,776 responses. In the interests of transparency, responses were published on the portal (where appropriate and with consent), as were results and information on next steps. Feedback was sought on a range of regulatory change proposals and airspace reviews, CASA’s bulk recruitment process, sector risks, the myCASA portal, and various safety promotion products, events and campaigns.