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Alignment of CASA's portfolio and corporate objectives and performance measures in 2019-20

Figure 6 Alignment of CASA’s portfolio and corporate objectives and performance measures in 2019–20

Portfolio Budget Statements

Outcome 1

Maximise aviation safety through a regulatory regime, detailed technical material on safety standards, comprehensive aviation industry oversight, risk analysis, industry consultation, education and training

Program 1.1: Civil Aviation Safety Authority performance criteria

  • Number of accidents per hours flown by industry sector
  • Number of incidents per hours flown by industry sector
  • CASA maintains the Effective Implementation (El) Score determined by ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP)
  • Regulatory implementation delivered in accordance with planned and reviewed targets
  • Surveillance determined through a national surveillance selection process and conducted to plan
  • Deliver a program of aviation safety education seminars to industry participants
  • Clear, open and transparent engagement with the industry to support the continuous improvement of an efficient and effective aviation safety regulatory framework
  • Regulatory service applications are decided within published service delivery timeframes
  • Regulatory service activities not currently subject to a published service delivery timeframe

Portfolio objectives/corporate goals

Corporate plan

1 Maintain and enhance a fair, effective and efficient aviation safety regulation system

2 Collaborative engagement with the aviation industry and wider community to promote and support aviation safety

3 Continuous improvement of organisational performance

Key performance areas and indicators

Develop regulatory framework

  • CASA demonstrates excellence in development of the aviation safety regulatory framework

Entry control

  • CASA processes applications for authorisations in accordance with documented procedures and within nominated timeframes

Compliance assurance

  • CASA’s compliance monitoring approaches are standardised and coordinated relative to the risk being managed

Address non-compliance

  • Actions undertaken are consistent with CASA’s regulatory philosophy

Effective engagement

  • CASA maintains productive working relationships with
    key stakeholders
  • CASA is transparent
    in its decision making

Promote safety and education

  • CASA supports industry compliance (and/or understanding of the consequences
    of non-compliance)
  • CASA’s education and promotion deliverables are relevant, timely, effective and appropriately targeted

Robust structures, systems and processes supporting good governance

  • Governance structures are effective
  • CASA has the information and communication technology platform and enabling support to achieve business improvement and transformation

CASA continually develops its capability and capacity

  • CASA maintains
    and grows capability to effectively deliver aviation safety regulation
  • CASA maintains staff engagement and builds a culture that enables the achievement of CASA’s mission