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CASA enhances aviation safety by

  Conducting entry control assessments and regulatory surveillance and oversight, providing regulatory services, and taking appropriate enforcement actions when necessary.

Developing aviation safety standards and guidance material and implementing regulatory changes.

  Developing effective enforcement strategies to secure compliance with aviation safety standards.

  Regulating Australian-administered airspace, registered and certified aerodromes, aerodrome rescue and firefighting services and civilian air traffic control services, and overseeing designers of instrument approach procedures.

  Issuing licences, certificates, authorisations, approvals and other permissions required by persons undertaking aviation-related activities in Australia.

  Encouraging a greater acceptance by the aviation industry of its obligation to maintain high standards of aviation safety.

  Conducting regulatory oversight of operators’ drug and alcohol management plans, conducting drug and alcohol testing, and carrying out certain aviation security assessment functions.

  Analysing data, providing advice and making the appropriate interventions to maintain and improve Australian aviation safety performance.

  Providing a rapid response service for authorities requiring protected airspace at short notice.

  Providing advice and support to delegates and authorised persons in the aviation industry and administering medical standards applicable to licence holders.

  Providing regulatory and other appropriate training for CASA staff and industry.

  Carrying out oversight of aircraft, maintenance and flying operations through surveillance of passenger-carrying, charter and freight operations and maintenance organisations.

  Conducting oversight of foreign aircraft operations within Australian territory.

  Developing, establishing, and monitoring the instructional standards for the flying training industry and the flying standards and competency of CASA flying operations inspectors.