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Insurance and indemnities

The Commonwealth indemnified CASA in relation to liabilities associated with acts or omissions that occurred before the expiry of two deeds of indemnity in July and August 1998. Since then, CASA has arranged its own insurance for these risks through a Comcover policy.

In 2018–19, CASA held aviation and general liability, professional indemnity, directors’ and officers’ liability, and a range of other corporate insurance.

Aviation and general liability

Aviation and general liability insurance provides coverage for injuries caused to third parties or to the property of third parties as a result of negligence arising out of the performance of CASA’s functions under the Civil Aviation Act, the Civil Aviation (Carriers’ Liability) Act 1959 and other applicable legislation.

Professional indemnity

CASA’s Comcover insurance policy covers liability arising from breaches of duty or negligence by a CASA officer. Further, the aviation liability component of the policy covers liability in respect of the indemnity given to industry delegates and authorised persons. The policy is subject to exclusions.

Directors’ and officers’ liability

In 2018–19, CASA held insurance protecting directors and officers from liability for the consequences of wrongful acts, as defined in CASA’s Comcover policy.