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Specialist training is delivered to CASA and industry

The Fatigue and Damage Tolerance course was held in Canberra on 20–24 May 2019.

The aim of the course was to develop and update Australian industry and CASA specialists on the current fatigue and damage tolerance philosophies and practices of the major airframe manufacturers and National Aviation Authorities.

The course involved lectures on the history of fatigue and damage tolerance and current practices and methodologies, with worked examples and homework to be completed after the lectures most evenings.

World-renowned specialist Dr Patrick Safarian, employed by the United States Federal Aviation Administration, was the guest lecturer for the course. Dr Safarian lectures at the University of Washington and Central Washington University.

The 20 course participants came from the aviation industry, the military, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and CASA.

The course provided an opportunity to access specialist training which is otherwise not available in Australia and allowed aviation community members and CASA staff to receive the same information on current philosophies and practices. Industry participants appreciated the rare opportunity to access this type of specialised training.

Having attended the course, industry participants will be better equipped to prepare fatigue and damage tolerance submissions that will be equivalent to those required by other recognised National Aviation Authorities, and CASA staff who assess the industry submissions will be able to provide more informed review responses and approvals.

CASA’s Training Branch acknowledged the collaboration between different areas of CASA required to set up the training event. Bringing in specialist expertise to train industry participants is seen by CASA as a cost-effective way to build both organisational and industry capability.