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Performance framework

CASA measures its performance in achieving its purpose of ‘Maintaining, enhancing and promoting the safety of civil aviation, with particular emphasis on preventing aviation accidents and incidents’ through its portfolio outcome and the strategic direction and objectives articulated in its corporate plan.

In accordance with section 16F of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014, this annual performance statement provides details of CASA’s results against the criteria set out for CASA on:

  • pages 134 to 135 of the 2018–19 Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities Portfolio Budget Statements
  • pages 20 to 22 of the CASA Corporate Plan 2018–19 to 2021–22.

No additional performance measures were identified in Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements or other portfolio statements.

Figure 6 provides an overview of CASA’s outcome, goals and performance measures for 2018–19.

Table 2.1: Figure 6 Alignment of CASA's portfolio and corporate objectives and performance measures in 2018-19

Portfolio Budget Statements

Outcome 1

Maximise aviation safety through a regulatory regime, detailed technical material on safety standards, comprehensive aviation industry oversight, risk analysis, industry consultation, education and training

Program 1.1: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Key performance indicators:

  • Number of accidents per hours flown is reduced, by industry sector
  • Number of incidents per hours flown is reduced, by industry sector
  • Clear, open and transparent engagement with the industry to support the continuous improvement of an efficient and effective aviation safety regulatory framework

Portfolio and corporate goals

1 Maintain and enhance a fair, effective and efficient aviation safety regulation system

2 Collaborative engagement with the wider aviation community to promote and support a positive safety culture

3 Continuous improvement of organisational performance

Key performance areas and indicators

Corporate plan

Develop regulatory framework

  • CASA is recognised as demonstrating excellence in development of the aviation safety regulatory framework
  • CASA provides appropriate support for transition to new or revised rules

Entry control

  • CASA processes applications for authorisations in accordance with documented procedures and within nominated timeframes

Compliance assurance

  • CASA’s compliance and monitoring approaches are risk based

Address non-compliance

  • Actions undertaken are consistent with CASA’s regulatory philosophy

Effective engagement

  • CASA maintains productive working relationships with key stakeholders
  • CASA is transparent in its decision making

Promote safety and education

  • CASA supports industry compliance (and/or understanding of the consequences of non-compliance)
  • CASA’s education and promotion deliverables are relevant, timely, effective and appropriately targeted

Robust structures, systems and processes supporting good governance

  • Governance structures are effective
  • CASA has the information and communication technology platform and enabling support to achieve business improvement and transformation

CASA continually develops its capability and capacity

  • The proposed benefits of CASA’s business transformation programs are realised
  • CASA maintains the capability and capacity to effectively deliver aviation safety regulation
  • CASA maintains staff engagement and builds a culture that enables the achievement of CASA’s mission