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Interesting facts in 2018-19

402 additional aircraft were registered, bringing the total to 15,617

43,969 flight crew licensing applications and notifications were processed

1,628 remotely piloted aircraft operator certificates and 12,845 remote pilot licences were current

2,936 complaints related to remotely piloted aircraft systems and 741 regulatory services tasks were processed

58 infringement notices, together with 59 counselling notices, were issued for remotely piloted aircraft systems matters

6,002 people were issued one of three classes of medical certificate for the first time – of those, 2,624 received their first Class 1 medical certificate

3,957 new flight crew licences were issued, bringing the total to 31,750

1,524 Australian-registered aircraft were built before 1963, compared to 275 aircraft that were less than two years old

88 Airservices Australia surveillance events and 97 aerodrome surveillance events were conducted

11 temporary restricted areas for airspace were declared to assist the operations of police and other emergency services

9 airspace reviews were published and 24 airport master plans were reviewed

403 obstacle assessments were completed on infrastructure such as mobile cranes, tower cranes, solar farms and other property developments

136 out of 376 restricted areas and 81 out of 175 danger areas were reviewed

7 airspace change proposals were completed

917 events were conducted under the National Surveillance Selection Process, achieving 98 per cent of the scheduled surveillance

55 flight simulator training device certificates were issued, covering 32 different aircraft types

221 aviation safety seminars, engineering safety seminars and flight instructor safety workshops were conducted around Australia, reaching more than 8,500 industry members

7,718,083 people visited CASA’s website, resulting in 9,979,865 page views – 5 out of the top 10 pages related to drones, accounting for 863,941 page views

107,041 people visited droneflyer.gov.au, representing 128,779 page views over the reporting period or 352 views per day

1 CASA employee was honoured for 35 years of service, 4 employees were honoured for 30 years of service, 5 employees were honoured for 25 years of service, and 22 employees were honoured for 20 years of service

5,346 orders came through CASA’s online store and 74,835 items were dispatched

23 Regulatory Reset workshops were presented for CASA managers and staff around Australia, providing practical guidance on fair and rational decision-making consistent with CASA’s regulatory philosophy