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As a result of negotiations for the settlement of native title claims, the CLC is assisting with the acquisition of land identified in the following ILUAs:

Aherrenge Aboriginal Land Trust: Ammaroo ILUA (DI2014/003): registered 27 March 2015

On 6 November 2019 the Alyawarr traditional owners from the Aherrenge land holding group met with the Minister for Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt, to celebrate the handback of this small portion of their land. During the ceremony at Ampilatwatja, 325 kilometres northeast of Alice Springs, the minister handed over the title to approximately 31 square kilometres adjoining the Aherrenge Aboriginal Land Trust to its traditional owners. The handback completes a native title claim settlement from 2014.

The native title holders agreed not to pursue exclusive possession native title rights over a number of former stock routes and a former stock reserve that fall within the Ammaroo pastoral lease and to allow incorporation of those areas into the lease. In exchange, the pastoralist and the NT Government agreed to support adding an area of station land adjacent to Ampilatwatja to the land trust area. The CLC negotiated for the block to be excised from the station and scheduled as inalienable freehold title under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act.

Red Gum Store ILUA (DI2017/002) – land swap: registered 30 January 2018

The freehold grant to Tyerreng Aboriginal Corporation was registered on 17 January 2020. The registration fulfilled an agreement between native title holders and the lessee of MacDonald Downs Station that provided for a block of freehold land for native title holders in exchange for the freehold grant for the Redgum Store for the pastoralist Charlie Chalmers.
A graded access road, bore pump and tank were also provided to the corporation.

 Nigel Morton.
Frankie Holmes presents Ken Wyatt with a copy of the CLC’s oral history collection Every Hill Got A Story and an Uluru Statement t-shirt at the Ammaroo handback ceremony. Centre: Nigel Morton.