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VISION: To promote and support Central Australian Aboriginal people’s society, country, secured rights, culture and economy to deliver a promising future.

STATUTORY PURPOSE: The powers, functions and responsibilities were mainly established by the Aboriginal Land Rights Act and the Native Title Act.

As described in the 2019–20 corporate plan, the purposes are the powers and functions legislated in the Aboriginal Land Rights Act and responsibilities as a native title representative body under the Native Title Act. These functions and powers are embodied in the CLC’s strategic goals. For the qualitative assessment of the achievement of these goals, refer to the sections of this annual report referenced below:

  1. Aboriginal rights and interests protection (refer Output Group 4)
  2. land ownership and interests (refer Output groups 2 and 5)
  3. culture and heritage protection (refer Output Group 4.3)
  4. economic development and effective income management (refer Output Group 3)
  5. strong communities, outstations and regions (refer Output Group 4)
  6. ranger program development (refer Output groups 1 and 3)
  7. sustainable land use and management (refer Output Group 1)
  8. governance (refer CLC Governance).