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The computer services team develops, supports and maintains modern computing infrastructure and provides a high level of service to regional offices through the best available communication systems and remote support services.

The team supports a fully networked, standardised computer workstation for each employee, except for the rangers. It provides access to email, word processing, internet browsing and a range of other services through the CLC’s computing infrastructure. It ensures the integrity and security of electronic data with backup systems, secure network access and virus protection. It also contributes to increased efficiency through the development and implementation of new systems for improved access to information and communications. It includes three specialist geospatial services staff who maintain an extensive geographical information system and manipulate data sets to produce customised maps and who are expanding into web- based mapping.

Major achievements include a new firewall, a wide area network services upgrade, a major document management system upgrade, and videoconferencing for all staff. A range of system migrations and upgrades also took place, such as remote desktop services, certificate servers, a fax/SMS system and mobile device management. As in every year, the team performed its duties with dedication, skill and good humour.

Team members rapidly enabled many of their colleagues to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic response. They provided them with:

  • a transparent virtual private network service, allowing laptops to securely connect to the CLC network via the internet
  • access to Zoom videoconferencing, featuring secure single- sign-on and licensing for extended group meetings
  • an intranet form and workflow to request equipment for home use
  • more than 100 additional equipment items such as laptops, monitors, docks, keyboards, mice, mobile broadband modems, webcams and headsets
  • a desktop softphone service for secure external access to the CLC phone system
  • a secure remote desktop system for access to specialised desktop computers running in the office
  • expanded general remote desktop resources to accommodate additional usage
  • significant modifications to the physical security system to restrict access to CLC offices
  • a dedicated intranet page with user guides for remote access systems.

Support for the permits/permission letter activities during the biosecurity restrictions included:

  • numerous systems changes allowing new cross-sectional groups access services
  • additional data storage and capture facilities for the new activities
  • office equipment relocation to facilitate physical distancing and improve access
  • ​significant additions and changes to phone system call queues and messaging to accommodate the new activities.

Once the biosecurity zones were lifted and the CLC returned to normal operations, the team carried out extensive work to reverse these changes and return equipment.