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The audit committee has four independent members: Beverley Russ (accounting manager), Danny Masters (lawyer), Bruce Walker (chair/director) and Adrian Watts (accountant). The committee met three times in 2019–20. It oversees an agreed work plan and audit charter, and reports annually to the Accountable Authority. A review of the PGPA Act recommended that Commonwealth entity audit committee members be independent. All committee members are independent. The committees’ charter can be found at www.clc.org.au/publications/cat/Other-publications/

Audit Committee, 2019-20


Bruce Walker

Danny Masters

Adrian Watts

Beverly Russ

Fees and reimbursements





Qualifications and experience

Former CEO of the Centre for Appropriate Technology and Central Australian resident for three decades with extensive knowledge of the region.

Lawyer with extensive experience and knowledge of Central Australia.

Chartered accountant with qualifications in accounting and auditing and knowledge of audit committee and commonwealth authority audit requirements.

Chartered certified accountant with qualifications in accounting and auditing.