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An annual review of the risk management plan and framework (including a risk profile and a risk appetite reassessment by the chair and the director) took place in December 2019. The CLC uses the annual Comcover risk management benchmarking survey to assess its improvements.

The Commonwealth’s fraud control framework informs the CLC’s framework. The Accountable Authority takes all reasonable measures to prevent, detect and deal with fraud, including data collection, reporting and investigation. It certified that the required fraud data was collected and reported using the fraud incident register, which is continually updated. New staff members complete the Commonwealth’s online fraud awareness training.

Internal practices and procedures ensure that appropriate financial authorisations and financial delegations are in place for rigorous monitoring and detection of anomalies. Accountable Authority instructions are within the appropriate financial expenditure authorities’ framework and are reviewed every July. The review takes into account changes in the value of money and the organisation’s structure.

A code of conduct prescribes workplace personal and professional behaviour.