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The executive committee

The 11-member executive committee is a committee of the council, pursuant to section 29A of the Land Rights Act. The executive comprises nine members representing the CLC’s nine administrative regions, plus a chair and deputy chair.

The executive committee held nine meetings in the 2019–20 financial year, all in Alice Springs. Three of these meetings were conducted via videoconference due to biosecurity restrictions affecting the majority of the executive members. Members participated in a governance training workshop on 27 February 2020.

Pursuant to s.28 of the Land Rights Act, the council has delegated all of its powers capable of delegation to the executive (except those powers delegated to the CEO, chair and financial controller). In practice, this means that most matters requiring a formal resolution, such as land use agreements and mining matters, are brought to the executive, leaving the council to make decisions on policy.

Table 4. Executive committee meetings, 2019–20

Meeting dates

Resolutions passed

21 August 2019


10 – 11 October 2019


4 – 6 December 2019


30 January 2020


28 February 2020


26 March 2020


15 April 2020


7 May 2020


24 – 25 June 2020