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Our vision, mission and strategy

Our vision

To be an organisation of global standing, that is highly valued by the community for
our pivotal role in enabling a safe, prosperous, secure and healthy Australia.

Our mission

To provide trusted, reliable and responsive weather, water, climate and ocean
services for Australia—all day, every day.

Our strategy

Our Strategy is focused on four pillars of success:

Impact and value
Products and services that benefit the Australian community and drive competitive advantage for businesses and industries.

Operational excellence
Outstanding people, science, systems and infrastructure, working together for maximum simplicity, productivity and agility.

Insight and innovation
Deep understanding, creative thinking and enduring partnerships that generate novel solutions for our customers and our organisation.

The Bureau way
One enterprise, that is safe and diverse, where our people grow and are empowered to excel, and where our customers come first, trust us and consider that we are a pleasure to work with.