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Supporting the creation of new work

Costume Designs by Charlotte VitaioliThe picture shows four people in colourful costumes designed by French Artist in residence Charlotte Vitaioli.
Costumes by French Artist in Residence Charlotte Vitaioli.

Bundanon’s Artist in Residence (AIR) program is the largest in Australia, attracting artists across all practices and from all over the world. Over the past year 299 artists and their collaborators have come into residence, the majority in response to national and international advertising, with prominent arts practitioners advising on applicants

to the program. The Trust also enjoys twenty-four overseas and arts company partnerships who utilise the Bundanon AIR program to foster developmental projects, or to provide selected artists with this opportunity.

Our ongoing collaboration with the French Embassy in Australia has brought three exceptional artists, Olga Kisseleva, Coline Dupuis and Charlotte Vitaioli, into residence this year and the Australian Asian Arts Lab, hosted by Performance Space, invited artists from New Zealand, Myanmar and Taiwan to collaborate with Australian artists at Bundanon. Our Africa Centre relationship continued along with our partnership with Red Gate in China and national organisations such as Red Room Poetry, the William Fletcher Foundation and Playwrighting Australia for their Indigenous Playwrights Retreat. Emerging artists were supported through partnerships with Shopfront Theatre, the Australian Theatre for Young People and Sydney Symphony Fellows. The First Nations Residence supported by Create NSW funding included dance, visual arts, music and theatre projects, including Kirk Page’s The Smoke Project as well as artists Dale Collier, Katina Olsen, Brenda Gifford and Eric Avery. We also strengthened our partnership with Accessible Arts who supported artists with mixed abilities to participate.

For the third year running, Bundanon Trust managed the Prelude Composer- In-Residence program on behalf of the Peggy Glanville-Hicks Composers’ House. Rafael Karlen, Gabriella Smart and Kate Moore were housed for up to 12 months in National Trust homes in Adelaide, Sydney and Perth.