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Corporate Plan 2019-22 Annual Outcomes

Art & Activation – Advance Bundanon as a powerful cultural, artistic and educational destination (Corporate Plan Measure 7.1)


Annual Measures

2018–19 Result

An innovative annual program of events and experiences

Min. 8 p.a.

9 events

A pre-eminent artistic residency destination

Min. 150 applications

Min. 7 partnerships

Ongoing funding for program

205 applications

24 Partnerships

Create NSW program funding received

Support Indigenous artists and celebrate Indigenous cultural heritage

Min. 5 Indigenous artists and thinkers Min. 3 events or programs p.a.

31 Indigenous artists

4 events and programs

A residential and day education program for students of all ages

Min. 5,000 student p.a.

4,968 students

Provision of greater public amenities through Riversdale Masterplan

Return visitation to 40,000+ post Masterplan

On track

Collection – Conserve and share Bundanon’s art collection and Boyd archive. (Corporate Plan Measure 7.2)

Provide public access, develop on site and touring exhibitions

House collection in new gallery via the Riversdale Masterplan by 2022

One exhibition on site, one touring nationally and one in development

Action loan and copyright requests

Funding received, on track

2 exhibitions on site,

1 touring nationally and 1 in development

1 loan and 27 copyright requests

Collection is appropriately stored, conserved and digitised

Creation of new storage facility via the Riversdale Masterplan by 2022

Continuing conservation and a further 2% of collection digitised

Funding received, on track

A further 4.98% of the collection digitised, 192 works given conservation treatment

Built & Natural Environment – Protect and share Bundanon’s unique cultural and environmental heritage (Corporate Plan Measure 7.3)

Conserve and maintain colonial and contemporary architecture

Total Asset Management strategy updated

Heritage Management Plan for Bundanon, Conservation Management Plan for Riversdale by 2020

Achieved On track

Design and develop an Interpretation Strategy

Walking tracks and signage by 2019

Complete suite of designs for Masterplan by 2022

To be incorporated into Masterplan

On track

Maintain existing partnerships, secure new resources

Two partnerships retained per annum one new by 2020

On track

Conserve flora and fauna

Min. 42,000 trees retained by 2020

One research project by 2022


On track

Secure partnership with local Indigenous group

Partnership by 2019


Sustainability – Secure the future of Bundanon Trust through effective management. (Corporate Plan Measure 7.4)

Generate support for the Riversdale Masterplan and plan to ensure business continuity

Secure capital funding by FYE 2019

Planning tools and strategy developed FYE 2019

Secured Achieved

Retain and secure new funding partners, grow self-generated revenue

Maintain existing partnerships and self- generated revenues

Launch a capital campaign by 2020

Retain 6 existing partnerships and secure one additional

On track

On track Secured

Develop effective communications strategies

Engage high level public relations, 2019–22

On track

Utilise digital tools to meet organisational needs

Identify requirements and invest in infrastructure by 2020

On track

Develop new operational plan and associated staffing

Plans complete by 2019 Recruitment commences 2020

On track On track