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Additional information and declarations to be furnished under the Charitable Fundraising Act

Bundanon Trust

For the year ended 30 June 2019

This page is included under the requirements of the Authority to Fundraise under the New South Wales Charitable Fundraising Act (the Act).

Consistent with the meaning of the term "fundraising appeal" in the Act, all of the Trust's income producing activities, including entry fees for visits to the Bundanon properties, the sale of merchandise, income on investments, gifts, sponsorships and donations and farming are, and are represented as being, directed to its "charitable" purposes and therefore constitute fundraising appeals.

Details of the Trust's income and expenditure and references to significant aspects of fundraising activities are included in Bundanon Trust's audited Annual Financial Reports.

Declaration by Chairman in respect of fundraising appeals

I, Jennnifer Bott, a director of Bundanon Trust declare that in my opinion:

a) the accounts give a true and fair view of all income and expenditure of Bundanon Trust with respect to fundraising appeals; and

b) the balance sheet gives a true and fair view of the state of affairs with respect to fundraising appeals; and

c) the Bundanon Trust has complied with the provisions of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 and the Regulations under that Act and the conditions attached to the authority to the extent practicable and applicable; and

d) the internal controls exercised by Bundanon Trust are appropriate and effective in accounting for all income received.

Ms. Jennifer Bott AO - ChairmanA picture of Jennifer Bott's signature
5 September 2019

Ms Jennifer Bott AO- Chairman

Dated: 5 September 2019