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Compliance Statement


‘a place for the community to enjoy the bush and the river, and a place to be used as a forum where those from every facet of the arts and sciences could get together’

Arthur Boyd on Bundanon

Bundanon Trust’s purpose is to be an outstanding custodian of the artworks, landscape and heritage infrastructure gifted by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd to its care; to make the Bundanon properties, and their significant Indigenous, colonial, art historical, agricultural and environmental narratives, accessible to all, and to support research and creative excellence.

Bundanon Trust was established in 1993 to own and manage the properties and art collection donated by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd ‘as a means of a gift to the nation’. It is a wholly owned Commonwealth Government company limited by guarantee and operates its business as outlined in the Deed of Gift, Deed of Assignment and Constitution of the Bundanon Trust. The property held by the company is subject to a charitable trust. The company is therefore required to deal with the property in accordance with the purposes specified at the time the gift was made.


I, as the accountable authority of Bundanon Trust, present the 2018–19 annual report of Bundanon Trust, as required under section 97 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act). It is consistent with the requirements set out in sections 28A to 28F of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014 (PGPA Rule) and in my opinion, is based on properly maintained records and accurately reflects the performance of the entity.

The following pages provide the results and relevant analysis of the Bundanon Trust’s performance against the targets specified in its Corporate Plan 2019–22 for the year under the four criteria: 1. Art and Activation, 2. Collection, 3. Built and Natural Environment and 4. Sustainability.

Bundanon Trust’s performance for the year is summarised in the following table and detailed under subsections matching the criteria. The source of each criterion and its relation to Bundanon Trust’s Corporate Plan 2019–22 is indicated in the table. Relevant analysis and discussion appear on the following pages under headings that reflect key areas of performance. These include details on Bundanon Trust’s programs and activities and supporters in the 2018–19 year. The final section details Bundanon Trust’s management and accountability frameworks and practices, including changes that have occurred within the financial year.

Finally, the year’s financial statements are attached. They are based on properly maintained financial records and give a true and fair view of the matters required by the Finance Reporting Rules made under the PGPA Act.

Jennifer Bott AO