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Energy consumption and environmental management

Protection of the environment and sustainable development remain key objectives for the Memorial and are applied to the development of plans for the enhancement and maintenance of the Memorial’s buildings, grounds, and operations.

The Energy and Environment Committee (EEC) oversees and monitors the Memorial’s energy use and the resultant impact upon the environment. The EEC meets quarterly and reports to the Senior Management Group and the Corporate Management Group providing focus and continuous improvement in managing water consumption, energy efficiency, waste disposal (including chemicals), and the appropriate control of hazardous materials (including asbestos and radiation).

The Memorial does not administer any legislation or have any appropriation directly related to the principles of environmental sustainability and development.

During the reporting period, the Memorial’s activities have accorded with the principles of ecologically sustainable development by striving to reduce the Memorial’s carbon footprint, and reduce reliance on non-renewable resources. The introduction of newly available data analytics software has allowed the Memorial to manage the energy consumption in detail. This detailed management has seen noticeable reductions in the energy consumption of Treloar E and energy usage of other buildings are being investigated. The data analytics software has the capacity to monitor electricity, water and gas usage and can expand to include any new infrastructure as part of the Development Project. The ongoing upgrading of old lighting to LED technology continues with the reduction of energy and zero ultra-violet emission for collection protection. The process of ‘recycle and reduce use where possible’ continues with the most recent example being the introduction of a system to recycle disposable gloves.