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Output 1.5 Interpretive services

Provision of interactive interpretation, including the delivery of innovative on-site, outreach and online education and public program as well as special events.

1.5.1 Deliver a range of public programs and events for visitors to the Memorial

Target: Qualitative and quantitative survey data shows evidence of strong visitor understanding of Australia’s experience of war

Analysis: COVID-19 had significant impacts on public programs and events, with a large number of visits and programs cancelled from 24 March. Visitation to the Memorial totalled 705,692 which is a 44 per cent decrease when compared with 2018/19.

Big Things in Store saw the Memorial’s new storage facilities at Mitchell open to the public in October for a collection-based experience. The majority of visitors interviewed were local residents from the Australian Capital Territory.

Ninety three per cent of visitors to Big Things in Store 2019 rated the display of the collection as good, 56 per cent as extremely good or very good.

One hundred per cent of visitors to Big Things in Store rated the staff assistance as good, 90 per cent rated the staff as extremely good or very good.

Visitor feedback included:

“I am glad to see that there are things from Afghanistan, the fact that we are bringing the more recent events into the light, not just hyper focused on First World War and Vietnam”.

“I enjoyed how tough the Mac truck was that ran over the IED and they didn’t notice, and I was astonished by how big the bronco’s wing was.”

Source: Australian War Memorial statistical data and attendance records and Big Things in Store exit survey.

1.5.2 Deliver a series of quality, engaging curriculum-related school education programs for on-site education groups

Target: More than 135,000 students (and teachers) visit the organisation

Analysis: The Memorial welcomed a total of 104,377 school audience visitors, 94,875 were students and 9,502 were accompanying adults. This was a 30.5 per cent decrease when compared to the previous years, due to the bushfires and COVID-19 restrictions which saw the Memorial close from 24 March.

Source: Australian War Memorial attendance records

1.5.3 Deliver a range of quality, engaging, curriculum-related online and digital school education resources for teachers and students

Target: Online and digital education resources aligned with Australian curriculum requirements

Analysis: The Memorial continues to produce online and digital education resources aligned with Australian curriculum requirements.

All resources are linked to the Australian Curriculum, and are designed to highlight the valuable primary and secondary source material in the Memorial’s collection.

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During the year 34 virtual excursion programs were delivered to more than 1,500 students from across Australia. These included mainstream and special needs schools, along with students in distance education or learning remotely from home due to COVID-19 school closures.

Education’s online learning resources expanded to include a new unit on Australian involvement in the conflict in Indonesia, along with additional activities related to Memorial Box content. The Memorial Box program included two new Victorian agents in Sovereign Hill and Swan Hill.

Review of the Anzac Diversity resource has continued, ensuring that the language is culturally appropriate and that the activities are relevant to the Australian curriculum. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander section is now complete and online. A Learn from home hub was established to provide resources to teachers and families during COVID-19-related school closures. It included numerous resources on Anzac Day, personal stories of service, and related craft activities. The Google Street View gallery tours and Google Arts and Culture inclusions were also highlighted, encouraging visitors to take a “virtual tour”.

Source: Australian War Memorial corporate records