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Output 1.2 The National Memorial and grounds

The Memorial building and grounds are conserved and developed as a dignified, moving, and impressive national memorial to Australians who served and died at war.

1.2.1 Continued development and maintenance of Memorial building and grounds consistent with high standards, ensuring that all works comply with standards and that major works are communicated to visitors prior to commencement and with the impact on the visitor experience minimised as far as possible

Target: The buildings and grounds are kept in a state consistent with a pre-eminent national institution

Analysis:​ Ninety-eight per cent of visitors who included the Memorial’s grounds and Sculpture Garden during their visit stated that they were very satisfied or satisfied; 80 per cent gave the rating of very satisfied.

Visitation to the grounds and sculpture garden continued during the COVID-19 closure with the Roll of Honour projections continuing.

Source: General Visitor Survey 2019–20

1.2.2 Staged implementation of the detailed Australian War Memorial Development (Memorial Master Plan)


(a) Commencement of project works at Campbell under an approved site development plan

(b) Completion of logistics and accommodation upgrades at Mitchell site

(c) Completion of facilities strategy including storage and accommodation for all sites; implementation from 2020-21


a) Project planning at the Campbell site commenced in accordance with the principles established in the Site Development Plan 2017 and the project Detailed Business Case as delivered to government in 2018. Major design consultancies, in particular architectural and engineering disciplines, were engaged and major design packages have been approved at schematic design.
Gallery master planning and initial curatorial research commenced in Q2 2019–20. The Gallery Master Plan was completed in April 2020.

Site activity for early and enabling project works was undertaken throughout the year under a Parliamentary Works Committee (PWC) Medium Works Approval. Key activities included modifications to Aircraft Hall, completion of a dedicated Development Information Gallery for stakeholder engagement and commencement of the Poppy’s Café Car Park extension.
The project designs were submitted for assessment under two key approvals processes – Parliamentary Works Committee Major Works Approval (February 2020) and Environmental Protection Biodiversity and Conservation Act heritage and environment impact approvals (June 2020).

As of 30 June 2020 the project is on budget and on schedule.

b) The logistics and accommodation upgrades at the Mitchell site, including design and manufacture of supports for storage of existing Large Technology Objects (LTO) and new LTO acquisitions for the year such as the AP-3C Orion aircraft, was completed in Q3 2019–20. Refurbished offices for both the registration and LTO teams were completed during the financial year which enables teams to be co-located, thus creating efficiencies and better communication. Work has commenced to revise and improve the storage infrastructure in Treloar C. This will include pallet racking and compactus to facilitate art and small object storage as well as flexible storage areas to better accommodate medium and large objects. This work is expected to be complete by June 2021.

c) Due to the need to integrate storage and accommodation matters with the new spaces and facilities delivered by the Development Project this strategy was not finalised in 2019-20. The Memorial has commenced implementation of discrete elements of the strategy such as the staff accommodation and storage plan.

Going forward this strategy will be integrated with a Digital Facilities Management Framework (DFMF) and associated support systems. This framework is designed to integrate new spaces or systems delivered by the Development Project with existing and/or enhanced facilities management systems across both Memorial sites to reduce future operating costs, lower risks around vendor dependency and increase security and regulatory compliance.

Source: Quarterly report against the Australian War Memorial Business Plan; Quarterly Reporting against Australian War Memorial Corporate Plan; Development Project Annual Project Update Report (2019)