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List of figures

Figure 1: Accident flight departure, destination and accident locations
Figure 2: Engine and forward fuselage deformation post-accident (top) with pre-accident nose to rear
fuselage angle (bottom)
Figure 3: Pilot recollection of approach to Hardy Reef pontoon
Figure 4: UVC flight parameter variation over the final 150 seconds of flight
Figure 5: Aerial photograph of derailment site
Figure 6: Automatic warning system (AWS) magnet and signal ME45 displaying a red (stop) aspect
Figure 7: Aerial view of Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and V/Line responsibility boundaries
Figure 8: Iron Chieftain on fire at Port Kembla
Figure 9: MPV Everest in Antarctica
Figure 10: Looking forward and aft from navigation bridge at about 0700