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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau 2019–20 Annual Report outlines performance against the outcome and program structure in the Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20.

Guide to the report

Section 1: Chief Commissioner’s review 2019–20
Section 2: Agency overview
Section 3: Report on performance
Section 4: Significant safety investigations
Section 5: Formal safety issues and actions
Section 6: Financial statements
Section 7: Management and accountability
Section 8: Appendices

Information about this report

Information about this report is available from:

The Annual Report Coordinator
Telephone: 1800 020 616
Email: atsbinfo [at] atsb.gov.au

Mark your enquiry ‘Attention Annual Report Coordinator’

Other sources of information

Annual reports are available in printed form from 19 participating libraries around Australia under the Australian Government library deposit and free issue scheme. A list of participating libraries can be found on the Digital Transformation Agency website at www.dta.gov.au. This report is available from the ATSB website at www.atsb.gov.au and the Transparency Portal website at www.transparency.gov.au.

Before making decisions on the basis of information contained in this report, you are advised to contact the ATSB. This report was up to date at the time of publication but details change over time due to legislative, policy and other developments.