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Reporting framework

Austrade operates under the Australian Government’s outcomes and programs framework. Government outcomes are the intended results, impacts or consequences of actions by the government on the Australian community, and government programs are the primary means by which agencies achieve their intended outcomes.

Corporate plan

Austrade’s 2019–20 corporate plan, which was approved by the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, covers the four-year period from 2019–20 to 2022–23, and is Austrade’s primary planning document. Austrade has identified one purpose as part of its 2019–20 corporate plan:

To deliver quality trade and investment services to businesses to grow Australia’s prosperity

Our purpose is associated with a set of performance measures and can be linked to Austrade’s outcomes and programs in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20.

Portfolio budget statements

The Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20 for the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio identify the outcomes, associated programs and key performance indicators used to assess Austrade’s performance. In 2019–20, Austrade had two outcomes that were achieved through three specific programs (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Austrade’s outcome and program framework for 2019–20 Austrade’s outcome and program framework for 2019–20

Annual performance statements

Austrade’s annual performance statements, which start on page 17, show Austrade’s achievements in 2019–20 against its purpose from its Corporate Plan 2019–20 and its key performance indicators set out in its Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20. We have developed the annual performance statements, and additional performance reporting, in accordance with guidelines provided by the Department of Finance. The annual performance statements are structured to mirror the layout of the key performance indicators in the corporate plan.

How our planning and performance documents interrelate

The annual performance statements clearly link performance criteria with the relevant source document—the corporate plan, the portfolio budget statements, or both. All performance criteria are contained in the corporate plan; the portfolio budget statements contain a subset. Figure 6 sets out the relationship between reporting measures outlined in Austrade’s corporate plan, portfolio budget statements and annual performance statements for 2019–20.

Additional reporting on Austrade’s achievements against its performance measures follows the annual performance statements.

Figure 6: Relationship between portfolio budget statements, corporate plan and annual performance statements Relationship between portfolio budget statements, corporate plan and annual performance statements