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Commissioner's review

Letter of transmittal

O1 Overview

About us

Outcome and program structure

ATO client landscape

Our ministers

The ATO Executive

Organisational structure

02 Annual performance statement

Statement by the Accountable Authority

Program 1.1 Australian Taxation Office

Program 1.2 Tax Practitioners Board

Program 1.3 Australian Business Registry Services

Program 1.4 Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Administered programs 1.5 to 1.19

03 Revenue performance

Revenue collection

Tax performance

Total revenue effects

04 Management and accountability

Corporate governance

Workforce management

Financial performance

05 Financial statements

About the financial statements

Independent Auditor's Report

Statement by the Commissioner of Taxation and Chief Finance Officer

06 Appendixes

Appendix 1: Laws conferring powers on the Commissioner

Appendix 2: Taxpayers' Charter - our performance

Appendix 3: Public advice and dispute management

Appendix 4: Legal services expenditure

Appendix 5: Strategic litigation

Appendix 6: Debt management

Appendix 7: Compensation statistics

Appendix 8: Service commitments and activities

Appendix 9: Advertising, direct mail, media placement and market research

Appendix 10: Use of access powers

Appendix 11: Information provided to law enforcement agencies

Appendix 12: Fraud or evasion exception

Appendix 13: Corrections

Appendix 14: Reference material



Key resources


Compliance index


Publication information


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