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Appendix 7: Compensation statistics

The information below relates to compensation under the Commonwealth’s Scheme for Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration (CDDA). For information about work health and safety, see information in Part 4 about Work health and safety.

Under the CDDA scheme, compensation may be paid to an individual, company or other organisation that has experienced detriment as a result of our defective actions or inaction.

Payments under the scheme are discretionary. The information below provides details of claims processed under the scheme in 2020–21.

Compensation claims

In 2020–21, we registered 171 compensation cases and finalised 174 (including cases registered in previous years), with 61 resulting in compensation being offered.

For straightforward claims, we aim to give the claimant a decision within 56 days. For more complex claims, we aim to give a preliminary view within 56 days. Claimants are then given an opportunity to comment on the preliminary view prior to the decision being made. The extended time frame includes time taken for the claimant to consider the ATO’s preliminary view.

Completion time frames of compensation claims, 2020–21


1 month


3–6 months

6–12 months

1 year +

Percentage of claims






Compensation payments

The total amount of compensation payments made in 2020–21 was $213,223. The average payment made was $3,439 and the median payment was $958.

While these statistics have been compiled from a number of data sources, all possible care has been taken to ensure consistency.


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