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ATO client landscape

The ATO interacts with a vast number of clients in the community – and each client group has different requirements and outcomes they seek from the tax and superannuation systems. The following figure shows the clients we interact with.

ATO client landscape, at 30 June 2021  11.8 million individuals not in business; 4.3 million small businesses (plus a further 2.1 million individuals linked through their influential role (director, partner, shareholder, beneficiary)); 1 million employers; 600,000 super funds (598,000 self-managed super funds, 221 large APRA-regulated super funds, 1,367 small APRA-regulated super funds); 209,000 not-for-profit organisations; 201,000 privately owned and wealthy groups linked to 952,500 entities; 39,000 public and multinational business groups linked to 91,000 entities; 37,000 registered and active tax and BAS agents.