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Organisational chart - as text

The ATO is structured in five groups, each reporting to a member of the ATO Executive. Each group consists of a number of business areas.

ATO Organisational Structure, as at 30 June 2019

Commissioner of Taxation
Registrar of the Australian Business Register,
Chris Jordan AO

Client Engagement Group

Second Commissioner, Jeremy Hirschhorn (acting)

  • Superannuation and Employer Obligations
    • Deputy Commissioner, James O’Halloran
  • Small Business
    • Deputy Commissioner, Deborah Jenkins
  • Individuals and Intermediaries
    • Deputy Commissioner, Alison Lendon
  • Integrated Compliance
    • Deputy Commissioner, Will Day
  • Private Wealth
    • Deputy Commissioner, Tim Dyce
  • Smarter Data Program
    • Deputy Commissioner, Marek Rucinski
  • Public Groups and International
    • Deputy Commissioner, Rebecca Saint (acting)
    • Deputy Commissioner, Mark Konza

Law Design and Practice Group

Second Commissioner, Andrew Mills

  • Policy, Analysis and Legislation
    • Deputy Commissioner, Louise Clarke
  • Review and Dispute Resolution
    • Deputy Commissioner, Jeremy Geale
  • Tax Counsel Network
    • Chief Tax Counsel, Kirsten Fish
    • Deputy Chief Tax Counsel, Peter Walmsley
    • Deputy Chief Tax Counsel, Fiona Dillon
    • Deputy Chief Tax Counsel, Andrew England
    • Deputy Chief Tax Counsel, Hoa Wood (acting)
    • Deputy Chief Tax Counsel - Public Advice and Guidance, Andrew Orme

Service Delivery Group

  • Debt and Lodgment
    • Deputy Commissioner, Robert Ravanello
  • Client Account Services
    • Deputy Commissioner, Grant Brodie
  • Strategy and Support
    • Deputy Commissioner, Emma Rosenzweig (acting)
  • Commonwealth Business Registry Services
    • Deputy Commissioner, Michelle Crosby
  • Machinery of Government Transition
    • Deputy Commissioner, Jane King

Enterprise Solutions and Technology Group

Second Commissioner and Chief Information Officer, Ramez Katf

  • Enterprise Capabilities
    • Deputy Commissioner, Matthew Hay
  • Technology, Architecture and Security
    • Deputy Commissioner, Susan Monkley
  • Digital Delivery
    • Deputy Commissioner and Chief Digital Officer, John Dardo
  • Service Operations
    • Deputy Commissioner, Alex Adams

Enterprise Strategy and Corporate Operations Group

Chief Operating Officer, Jacqui Curtis

  • ATO People
    • Deputy Commissioner, Brad Chapman
  • ATO Finance
    • Chief Finance Officer, Frances Cawthra
  • Enterprise Strategy and Design
    • Deputy Commissioner, David Allen
  • ATO Corporate
    • Deputy Commissioner, Sue Sinclair
Independent internal functions
  • Internal Audit
    • Chief Internal Auditor, Christina Li
  • Fraud Prevention and Internal Investigations
    • Assistant Commissioner, Susie Smith

Note: The independent internal functions support the Commissioners and, for administrative purposes, are located in ATO Corporate.