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Program 1.2 Tax Practitioners Board


The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) is an independent statutory body. It is responsible for the general administration of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 and regulation of tax practitioners, including tax agents, business activity statement (BAS) agents and tax (financial) advisers.

Due to its operational independence and statutory obligations, the TPB has produced its own annual report, which is available at tpb.gov.au.


The TPB’s role is to ensure that tax practitioner services are provided to the public in accordance with appropriate standards of professional and ethical conduct.

The TPB has three strategic objectives to achieve its purpose:

  • protect all consumers of tax practitioner services
  • maintain, protect and enhance the integrity of the registered tax practitioner profession
  • promote the TPB as an independent, efficient and effective regulator.

Annual performance statement

The annual performance statement for the TPB is included in the Tax Practitioners Board annual report 2018–19.

Performance criteria for the TPB are set out on pages 191–195 of the Australian Taxation Office Budget Statements (in the Treasury PBS) and pages 12–17 of the Tax Practitioners Board corporate plan 2018–19.