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Annex A - ASPI Publications


The Australian Defence Force and contested space
Malcolm Davis
15 August 2019

After Covid-19: Australia and the world rebuild (volume 1)
John Coyne and Peter Jennings et al
2 May 2020


North of 26 degrees south and the security of Australia: views from The Strategist John Coyne, Paul Barnes, Malcolm Davis, Rhys De Wilde, Paul Dibb, Genevieve Feely, Michael Shoebridge, Dr Richard Brabin-Smith AO, Chris Clark, Michael Crane, Len Notaras and Scott Wallis
3 July 2019

The post-caliphate Salafi-jihadi environment
Isaac Kfir
10 July 2019

From boardroom to situation room. Why corporate security is national security
Anthony Bergin
24 July 2019

Jokowi’s second term: economic challenges and outlook
Siwage Negara
25 July 2019

Indo-Pacific election pulse 2019: Thailand, Indonesia, India and Australia: views from The Strategist
Huong Le Thu
14 August 2019

Towards a Commonwealth law enforcement innovation framework
Genevieve Feely and John Coyne
20 August 2019

Indo-Pacific immune systems to enable healthy engagement with the Chinese state and China’s economy
Michael Shoebridge
27 November 2019

Australia’s next cybersecurity strategy: views from The Strategist
Fergus Hanson, Gai Brodtmann, Rachael Falk, Nigel Phair, Lesley Seebeck and Peter Dutton
5 February 2020

Returning to work during the pandemic: testing, surveillance, apps and data as our near term future
Michael Shoebridge
15 April 2020

North of 26 degrees south and the security of Australia: views from The Strategist (volume 2)
John Coyne et al.
26 May 2020

Thailand’s strategic drift: Domestic determinants amidst superpower competition
Thitinan Pongsudhirak
18 June 2020


Evolution of the protection of civilians in UN peacekeeping
Lisa Sharland
9 July 2019

The Marawi crisis—urban conflict and information operations
Charles Knight and Katja Theodorakis
31 July 2019

Projecting national power: reconceiving Australian air power strategy for an age of high contest
Peter Hunter
7 August 2019

Strong and free? The future security of Australia’s north
John Coyne
19 August 2019

Defence projects and the economy
Rob Bourke
21 August 2019

ASPI–KAS 4th Australia–Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue: ‘Shifting frontiers: addressing post-caliphate terrorism dynamics’
Isaac Kfir and Katja Theodorakis
8 October 2019

Designing for resilient energy systems: choices in future engineering
Paul Barnes and Neil Greet
9 October 2019

How the geopolitical partnership between China and Russia threatens the West
Paul Dibb
29 November 2019

Ocean horizons: strengthening maritime security in Indo-Pacific island states
Anthony Bergin, David Brewster and Aakriti Bachhawat
5 December 2019

Accelerating autonomy: autonomous systems and the Tiger helicopter replacement
Marcus Hellyer
11 December 2019

Augmenting maritime domain awareness in Southeast Asia: boosting national capabilities in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia
Peter Chalk
13 December 2019

Rethinking Taiwan policy: history, politics, ideology
Mark Harrison
17 December 2019

Australia’s implementation of women, peace and security: promoting regional security
Louise Allen
19 February 2020

Eyes wide open: managing the Australia–China Antarctic relationship
Anthony Bergin and Tony Press
27 April 2020

Running on empty? A case study of fuel security for civil and military air operations at Darwin Airport
John Coyne, Tony McCormack and Hal Crichton-Standish
13 May 2020

‘Terrorism is terrorism’: the Christchurch terror attack from an Israeli CT perspective
Professor Boaz Ganor
19 May 2020

National security agencies and the cloud: an urgent capability issue for Australia
John Coyne, Michael Shoebridge and Albert Zhang
27 May 2020

From concentrated vulnerability to distributed lethality—or how to get more maritime bang for the buck with our offshore patrol vessels
Dr Marcus Hellyer
3 June 2016

A Pacific disaster prevention review
Dr Paul Barnes
9 June 2020


Protecting critical national infrastructure in an era of IT and OT convergence
Rajiv Shah
2 July 2019

Capabilities, competition and communication: why the West needs a strategy for technology
Mike Rogers
11 July 2019

Mapping conditions in Rakhine State
Nathan Ruser, Elise Thomas and Mali Walker
24 July 2019

Tweeting through the Great Firewall
Tom Uren, Elise Thomas and Dr Jacob Wallis
3 September 2019

Mind your tongue: language, public diplomacy and community cohesion in contemporary Australia–China relations
John Fitzgerald
2 October 2019

Engineering global consent: the Chinese Communist Party’s data-driven power expansion
Samantha Hoffman
14 October 2019

A new Sino-Russian high-tech partnership: authoritarian innovation in an era of great-power rivalry
Samuel Bendett and Elsa Kania
29 October 2019

The China Defence Universities Tracker: exploring the military and security links of China’s universities
Alex Joske
25 November 2019

Mapping more of China’s technology giants: AI and surveillance
Fergus Ryan, Danielle Cave and Vicky Xiuzhong Xu
28 November 2019

ICT for development in the Pacific islands: an assessment of e-government capabilities in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu
Bart Hogeveen
19 February 2020

Uyghurs for sale: ‘re-education’, forced labour and surveillance beyond Xinjiang
Vicky Xiuzhong Xu, with Danielle Cave, Dr James Leibold, Kelsey Munro and Nathan Ruser
1 March 2020

Covid-19 disinformation and social media manipulation trends
Jacob Wallis
17 April 2020

Covid-19 attracts patriotic troll campaigns in support of China’s geopolitical interests
Elise Thomas and Albert Zhang
23 April 2020

Weaponised deep fakes: national security and democracy
Hannah Smith and Katherine Mansted
29 April 2020

Cybercrime in Southeast Asia: combating a global threat locally
Jonathan Lusthaus
20 May 2020

Winning hearts and likes: how foreign affairs and defence agencies use Facebook
Damien Spry
2 June 2020

The party speaks for you: foreign interference and the Chinese Communist Party’s united front system
Alex Joske
9 June 2020

Retweeting through the great firewall: a persistent and undeterred threat actor
Dr Jacob Wallis, Tom Uren, Elise Thomas, Albert Zhang, Dr Samantha Hoffman, Lin Li, Alex Pascoe and Danielle Cave
12 June 2020

Genomic surveillance: inside China’s DNA dragnet
Emile Dirks and James Leibold
17 June 2020

ID2020, Bill Gates and the Mark of the Beast: how Covid-19 catalyses existing online conspiracy movements
Elise Thomas and Albert Zhang
25 June 2020


Counterterrorism yearbook 2020
Isaac Kfir and John Coyne (eds)
30 March 2020


Sticking to our guns: a troubled past produces a superb weapon
Chris Masters
31 October 2019

The Bushmaster: from concept to combat
Brendan Nicholson
12 December 2019


Nuclear strategy in a changing world
Rod Lyon
24 October 2019


Australia-Afghanistan relations
William Maley
10 September 2019