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Annex I - Index of Annual Report Requirements

This index is included to meet the requirements of section 28E of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014.


Location in the Rule

Location in this report

ASPI’s purposes

s 28E(a)

Chapter 1

Responsible minister

s 28E(b)

Chapter 1

Ministerial directions and government policy orders

s 28E(c) – (e)

Not applicable

Information about directors

s 28E(f)

Chapter 5

Organisational structure

s 28E(g)

Chapter 1

Location of organisation

s 28E(h)

Chapter 1

Corporate governance

s 28E(i)

Chapter 5

Related entity transactions

s 28E(j) – (k)

Not applicable

Significant activities and changes affecting the company

s 28E(l)

Not applicable

Judicial decisions and decisions by administrative tribunals

s 28E(m)

Not applicable

Reports by the Auditor-General, parliament, Commonwealth Ombudsman, Australian Information Commissioner or Australian Securities and Investments Commission

s 28E(n)

Not applicable

Information from subsidiaries

s 28E(o)

Not applicable

Index identifying requirements of section 28E

s 28E(p)

Annex G

The audited financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the requirements under the Corporations Act 2001; see Chapter 6.