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Annex C - Opinion pieces by ASPI staff

July 2019

‘Why is the Morrison government pushing for new terrorism legislation?’, Coyne, ABC ‘Wise to bolster our regional French connection’, Bergin and Brewster, The Australian ‘The unspoken threat that’s hurting Australians’, Coyne, APPS Policy Forum

‘Moscow is making friends in the Middle East’, Kfir, APPS Policy Forum

‘The AFP is at a crossroads, and Peter Dutton’s “old school” style isn’t what it needs’, Coyne, ABC

‘Corporations must co-operate on security’, Bergin, The Australian

‘Morrison’s ineffective proposal to counter online extremism’, Kfir, APPS Policy Forum

August 2019

‘AUSMIN sets the stage for Morrison’s White House visit’, Shoebridge, Australian Financial Review

‘What’s China up to in the Arab world?’, Kfir, APPS Policy Forum

‘China’s incursion into Vietnam’s EEZ and lessons from the past’, Le Thu, Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative

‘New Cold War traps Australia between our traditional rock and global hard case’, Jennings, The Weekend Australian

‘Illicit drugs—how can Australia protect its people?’, Coyne, APPS Policy Forum

‘How should the world tackle far-right extremism?’, Kfir, APPS Policy Forum

‘What Vietnam is looking for from Scott Morrison’s visit’, Le Thu, Australian Financial Review

‘Balancing secrecy and openness: getting it right and getting it wrong’, Shoebridge, Canberra Times.

September 2019

‘Pacific islanders’ boots would help defence step up’, Bergin, The Australian

‘It’s going to cost us to point in the right direction’, Shoebridge, The Australian

‘Britain as a failed state? Don’t laugh, it’s that serious’, Dobell, The Sydney Morning Herald ‘Morrison must make most of his “golden opportunities” in US’, Jennings, The Australian ‘Here’s a plan to break volunteer drought’, Bergin and Barnes, The Australian

‘Australia’s northern surveillance’, Coyne, Asia Pacific Security Magazine

October 2019

‘A collision of cybersecurity and geopolitics: why Southeast Asia is wary of a Huawei ban’, Le Thu, Global Asia

‘Clarifying expectations on protection of civilians’, Sharland, IPI Global Observatory

‘In naval warfare, just zapping attacking missiles can be cheap and effective’, Davis, The Australian

‘Autonomous military and naval logic gains life of its own’, Davis, The Australian

‘Royal Australian Navy is under-gunned for denying long-range attackers’, Davis, The Australian

‘Peacekeeping and the evolving Australia–Fiji relationship’, Sharland and Wyeth, The Diplomat

November 2019

‘Victoria takes wrong track with China’s Belt and Road Initiative’, Bergin, The Australian

‘Defence forces can play a broader role in disaster management’, Bergin and Templeman, The Australian

‘Security challenges rule the waves in Pacific’, Bergin, The Australian ‘Defections are messy and we may never know the full story’, Joske, The Age ‘Political parties must take foreign interference seriously’, Shoebridge, Australian Financial Review

‘Cyber risk rising with Internet of Things’, Hanson, Australian Financial Review

December 2019

‘Category collapse–making governing hard and leadership essential’, Shoebridge, The Canberra Times

‘Vietnam draws lines in the sea’, Le Thu, Foreign Policy

‘Bushfire crisis demands a rethink on defence’s role in national disasters’, Bergin and Barnes, Sydney Morning Herald

January 2020

‘Bold decision puts ADF specialists to work’, Barnes, Sydney Morning Herald

‘National bushfires emergency? Let’s have a national response’, Bergin and Templeman, The Australian

‘Ending secrecy key to filling the void on cybersecurity’, Bergin, Australian Financial Review

‘Recant or die: alleged threat to self-confessed Chinese spy Wang Liqiang’, Joske and McKenzie, The Age

‘Middle East tensions: so many pathways to conflict, so few off-ramps to peace’, Jennings, The Australian

‘What the US must do next to avoid war with Iran’, Shoebridge, Herald Sun ‘Northern Australia’s value not lost on friends and rivals’, Jennings, The Australian ‘Preparing for climate catastrophe’, Barnes, APPS Policy Forum

‘Australia should take the next steps to be a new and importance space power’, Davis, Canberra Times

February 2020

‘If we’re at war with nature, let’s call in the military professionals’, Jennings, Weekend Australian

‘Business’ role in disaster response needs to be planned’, Bergin, Australian Financial Review

‘Australia will pay for PM’s about-face on $1000 Wuhan co-payment’, Coyne, The Sydney Morning Herald

‘Nothing federal about disasters’, Bergin, The Australian

‘Increasing disaster resilience through coordination and collaboration’, Barnes, Committee for Economic Development

‘Australia’s war on drugs is a failure’, White, APPS Policy Forum

‘Tales of military heroism’, Loosley, The Australian

‘Israel’s president is a powerful supporter of peace and unity’, Bergin, The Australian

‘Letting the Beijing bully know this is our neighbourhood’, Jennings, The Australian

‘Far-right groups and conspiracy theories are being brought together through the internet’, Thomas, ABC

March 2020

‘ASIO sounds the alarm’, Coyne, APPS Policy Forum

‘Australia, you have a drug problem’, Coyne, APPS Policy Forum

‘Your favourite Nikes might be made from forced labour. Here’s why’, Xiuzhong Xu and Leibold, The Washington Post

‘Spanish flu lessons can help combat coronavirus’, Bergin and Feim, The Australian

‘Military must find a new balance’, Shoebridge, The Australian

‘The heart of a reconnected world’, Dobell, Inside Story

‘Don’t kick China’s propagandists off Twitter’, Ryan, Foreign Policy

April 2020

‘Coronavirus response a chance to reimagine future for Australia’, Shoebridge, The Canberra Times

‘Should I download the coronavirus tracing app? Here’s how to decide’, Coyne, ABC ‘Coronavirus: China wants to be saviour of the world’, Jennings, The Australian ‘We can’t just go with the floe in Antarctica’, Bergin and Press, The Australian

‘China threatens boycott in response to Australia’s call for COVID-19 inquiry’, Shoebridge and Kelly, ABC

May 2020

‘We need to reduce our dependence on China, and have the courage to call it out when required’, Jennings, The Guardian

‘National security strategy can help us build key alliances to counter China’, Jennings, The Australian

‘Fishing while the water is muddy’, Le Thu, Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative ‘Better safe than sorry on China’, Jennings, The Australian

‘Australia is not the only country asking questions about the origins of coronavirus, and China is not happy’, Jennings, The Guardian

‘Why Australia must not bow to China but seek wider trade options’, Xiuzhong Xu, Sydney Morning Herald

‘Party’s over for the bullies of Beijing’, Jennings, The Australian

‘How COVID-19 is driving a booming conspiracy industry’, Thomas, Sydney Morning Herald

‘Our universities must rethink their broken business model or risk failure’, Hellyer and Jennings, Canberra Times

‘Should Defence Department take a budget hit?’, Hellyer, The Australian

June 2020

‘On anniversary of Tiananmen, time for Australia to open its heart again’, Ruser, Sydney Morning Herald

‘China will be surprised how long it took us to act on foreign investment laws’, Jennings, The Australian

‘Vietnam shows ASEAN valuable new form of leadership’, Le Thu, Nikkei Asian Review

‘China’s feverish overreach wasted an opportunity offered by Covid-19’, Le Thu, The Straits Times

‘Defence faces up to China threat’, Jennings and Shoebridge, The Australian