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In May and June 2020, the Sports Foundation carried out a survey to assess the impact of COVID-19 on community sport.

Over 4,000 sports clubs, covering almost 100 different sports from communities large and small all over Australia, completed our survey and responses showed that one in four community sports clubs (an estimated 16,000 clubs nationwide) are at risk of closure due to financial losses and new costs associated with COVID-19.


COVID-19 has created a crisis that threatens the existence of thousands of community sport clubs across Australia, but it’s not just about losing the clubs. The millions of members, volunteers, coaches, and families that support them are all affected as well.

And even though community sport has restarted in most parts of the country, the crisis is not over, as clubs face a prolonged period of reduced income and increased costs. Without financial support, thousands of community sports clubs risk closure. This would have a devastating impact on physical and mental health for millions of Australia’s sports participants and volunteers.

While we cannot solve the problem alone, we passionately believe in the value of community sport and we will lead the charge to fight for its survival. Together with the support of various stakeholders, we can solve the community sports crisis. The Australian Sports Foundation would like to work with all stakeholders who can contribute in some way to support community sports.

Covid-19 Survey Key Findings of Covid-19 Survey results
Key Findings