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Case Studies

Pavillion Wall Of Support

Total Donations $18K

The Monbulk Recreation Reserve Committee (MRRC) came up with an

innovative and powerful way to not only raise much needed funds but also to address an important issue in the community: Mental Health.

The committee created the Wall of Support, an initiative that saw donors who contributed to

the fundraising project recognised on a mural painted on the wall in the middle of the new pavilion. With the name of supporters on one half of the wall the second half is dedicated to positive messages, available support programs and images of athletes.

MRRC had a target of $100K to build a new community facility and had already secured some government funding and grants. However, they needed a community contribution to achieve their target, and the committee turned to their members and community to assist through tax‑deductible donations. Through the Wall of Support initiative the project received nearly $18k in philanthropic support.

Girls and Women's Teams


Total Donations $150K

Newport Junior Rugby Club (NJRC) are focusing on their girls and women’s teams and ensuring they have appropriate facilities and a place to feel at home was one of the first steps in growing the club.

To complete the changeroom and facilities redevelopment the club needed to raise $150K.

NJRC used the effective fundraising strategy of donor recognition to achieve their target. Supporters who made a financial contribution towards the changeroom project were recognised and thanked through their name or\ business name being inscribed on the bricks used to build the facility.

The community and club members rallied around the project and in just two years Newport was able to raise close to $150K in tax‑deductible donations.

Effective Fundraising Strategy

Total Donations $230K

The McLeod Country Golf Club started a fundraising project at a desperate time, with their club on the brink of insolvency.

Needing to reduce their debt quickly, the golf club was relying on the financial support of their members and the wider community. However, the Club was so much more than just a golf course – it was also a vital function and meeting venue with widespread community use, so the McLeod Golf Club had a large database they were able to call on.

Touch Football Australia

Total Donations $40K

Touch Football Australia (TFA) used community fundraising to help their athletes travel to Malaysia for the Touch Football World Cup.

Each player had their own personal fundraising page and were responsible for sharing and promoting the cause across their own networks.

TFA started their fundraising efforts only five weeks prior to the start of the tournament but the promotion via social media and in email campaigns proved successful with over $40K raised across the squad.