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Almost 50% of all donations were made to grassroots and community sport, while we also helped State and National clubs and sports raise around $7m in much needed funds. Perhaps the biggest highlight was that the number of organisations fundraising with us under the Fundraising4Sport program grew by 20% to over 2,600

Top 10 by sports

Australian Football was once again the fundraising star, this year knocking multisport off the top spot with a massive $16.9 million raised! A new entrant to the top ten is Basketball which raised nearly $2m – a massive $1.5M more than the previous year – while Rugby Union continued to show the benefits of strategic focus in this area, with a further 43% growth in donations, to maintain its place in the top 4.

Donations Received by State

Victorians were once again the most generous donors to sport, contributing more than $20m

(over 45% of the national total). This year, we increased our focus on supporting sports in States outside the Eastern Seaboard, and it was particularly pleasing to see substantial growth both in South Australia (up 88% on prior year) and in Western Australia (an increase of 72%).

Donations Received by Organisation Type


Perhaps the most heartening achievement was to see that more people than ever are donating to sport, especially to grassroots clubs and schools, with over 56% of all donations being made to support these sectors.

Donations Received by Individual Athletes

Our Athlete fundraising program continues to grow every year rising from $1.1m to $2.4m this year from 4,514 donations.