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Strategic Direction

We are proud of what has been achieved for and with the Australian sporting community in the last few years. Since 2014 we have helped sport more than double philanthropic funding, with more than $165m being raised in the last four years alone. Yet annually sport still receives less than 0.5% of all philanthropic contributions, and less than 2% of eligible clubs, schools and athletes currently benefit from tax‑deductible philanthropic donations.

Our strategy in the coming years is designed to enable a thriving sporting nation by contributing over $100m a year to Australian sport. We will do this by:

  • Increasing the scope and impact of our Grants programs, Giving4Grassroots and Sport4Everyone, using our new Charitable Fund to help us increase the amount of funding we raise to invest in community sport.
  • Working closely with larger sports clubs and key National Sporting Associations, to help them develop and execute effective fundraising strategies;
  • Using digital strategies and innovative partnerships to connect with a greater proportion of the grassroots sporting community – so that we can help the tens of thousands of community clubs, schools and other organisations that are so fundamental to a healthy society and to our future as a sporting nation;
  • Expanding our range of offerings, so that we can help sports raise money through a wider variety of means, including raffles and partner incentive schemes;
  • Implementing new features to our fundraising platform in order to make sports fundraising more effective – including tap and go technology for fundraising events and matched giving schemes to leverage the power of major gifts from individuals and businesses;

At the same time, we will continue to use our voice as the Peak Body for Philanthropy in Sport to promote the many social and community benefits of sport. We want to build a nation where everyone can play, regardless of background, ability or social status.