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Individual Athletes

Lilly Meldrum - Snooker

At 11 years old and having only played snooker competitively for a few years Lilly Meldrum was selected to represent Australia at the world under 16s Snooker championships in Russia.

To help with the costs of travelling and competing overseas, Lilly and father Stuart began a fundraising project. Stuart was able to gain significant media attention around Lilly’s sporting achievement and had her story featured on television and in radio interviews. Since Lilly’s segment aired on television the family have been overwhelmed by the support from the Australian public and their initial target of $5K was smashed with the project receiving over $10K in tax-deductible donations.

Total donations received: $10K

“As beginners to this fundraising site, we have found the organisation very helpful in getting started. The process has been easy, and we are overwhelmed that we successfully exceeded our target. A big thanks to Chris and everyone involved.” - LILLY MELDRUM.

Samanta Auty - Fencing

Sam started her fundraising journey through the Australian Sports Foundation’s Athlete Fundraising program in the 2019 financial year to help with her qualification to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Fencing.

Sam focused on sharing positive stories on social media around her aspirations and the fact that she was competing internationally helped solicit donations to her campaign.

Sam exceeded her target and raised $5500 to assist with her journey of competing in an Olympic Games.

Total donations received: $5500

“The Sports Foundation allows you to increase the amount you would raise through other channels by being tax‑deductible for donors, and also by being a credible fundraising platform (compared to platforms like GoFundMe)” - SAMANTHA AUTY.