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ASC Staff and Program Locations

Who We Are - ASC Staff and Program Locations Map showing Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees as at 30 June 2020. FTE is drawn from payroll data and is a calculation of the number of employees receiving salary or paid leave at a single point in time. Part-Time and casual employees are converted to a FTE based on the hours they work divided by a Full-time 37.5 hour week. This figure differs to the Average Staffing Level (ASL) which is the sum of all the individual fortnightly FTE averaged over the financial year. Offices in Brisbane and Perth were closed by 31 July 2019 and Adelaide was closed on 31 December 2019. Canberra - 392, Italy - 4, NSW - 12, QLD - 4, SA - 2, VIC - 38, WA - 2, Total 454